Snowmobile northern light tour

Snowmobiles are a comfortable way to get out in nature. For Laplanders it's a normal way to get relaxation and getting away from the everyday stress in the city. This trip takes us away from city lights out where light from moon, stars and northern light guides us. Mid winter above the polar circle is not as dark as you can imagine when the sun never rises above the horizon. The snow reflects whatever light there might be, so not even in night time it's really dark. A moon shining will make shadows of the trees and you can see for miles around. If the sky is clear you will see millions of stars and


After a minibus transfer you will meet your guide who will give you instructions on how to drive a snowmobile. It's not complicated, but as a snowmobile is a powerful machine you will need safety and driving instructions. After control of equipment we will go out into the wilderness. Following the guide you will drive far enough to be away from whatever surrounding lights. Here we will turn off the engines and listen to …..silence. Out here we will also enjoy a cup of hot coffee or tea and a sandwich before we head home Print